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Kiki's offers a variety of services for our parrots such as adoptions, surrenders, boarding, guidance and a sanctuary for our forever feathered friends.

Kiki's works with large and small parrots, parrots with special needs, health issues, behavioral issues.

Kiki’s is a 501(c)(3) non-profit status.

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How it all began...

Kikis’ Parrot Playland Sanctuary & Rescue came about as a labor of love. You see, I got my first parrot, a Moluccan Cockatoo named Peaches without know what exactly I was getting into. Like many first-time parrot owners, I knew nothing about the destructive behavior, the screaming for attention and all the other attention getting behaviors these intelligent creatures use against their owners. I really did not have anywhere to turn for help, so I took to researching various parrot behaviors, that in turn led to nutrition and proper care. Wanting Peaches to be happy, I set out to find a companion and found Kiki. Kiki was a bit calmer but as it turns out, Peaches and Kiki wanted their human companionship more than they wanted to be with each other. My husband and I accepted the reality that we were owned by these two wonderful parrots. People ask me all the time why I do this, but truth is I love all animals but for some reason these parrots stole my heart. After countless research it broke my heart to hear about how these animals were mistreated and how so many needed homes.

Over the years, I have met other parrot owners that have felt overwhelmed by the needs of their parrots and felt they would do better in a new home or found parrots in need of a home due to some other unfortunate circumstances. I soon found myself with a variety of parrots that needed a second chance at a forever home. I did not have intentions on starting a rescue, but as I found more and more parrots in need of homes and medical treatment. As I could not turn these sweet parrots away, I decided I wanted to do something more to help as well as informing owners and protentional owners.




       Owner and Founder Kim Wallace


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