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Skipper is an Orange Wing Amazon that came to Kiki's when his owner could no longer care for him properly. After a few weeks of adjusting, Skipper was ready for a new forever home. One of my boarding clients fell in love with him. Skipper has adjusted well to his new home which he shares with an African Grey. Skipper loves his new mom and will scream when she leaves the room. Both birds now travel the country with their owner in a travel trailer  which has had some adjustments to accommodate their needs.

Tiki and Sunny had been surrendered due to impulse buying and lived in an apartment then realized that neighbors started to complain. They realized it become too much for them and decided to surrender to Kiki's. After learning their personality and behaviors they have been adopted to a wonderful couple and have a room all to themselves and are free to fly around and enjoy themselves. We are incredibly happy for them and their new mom and dad.

Milly had been surrendered due to his mom passing and had been at Kiki's for a couple years. She come in quite aggressive and after working with her she had gotten much better. She was adopted out to a women Milly picked out and is living a wonderful life.

Precious came to Kiki's and loved women. She had been with us for about 3 years before finding the perfect home. She found a home with a couple who adored her naked little self. She has a wonderful personality and  has decided  that she enjoys men better !

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