Adoption Fees

Small Birds start at $75
(Cockatiels, Conures, Love birds, ect.)
Medium Birds start at $400
(Pionus, Eclectus, African grays, Amazons, ect.) 
Large Birds start at $600
(Cockatoos, Macaws, ect.)
Adoptions Fees may very depending on the needs of the bird
Please remember all fees go back into the rescue to help care for our feathered friends 


White eyed Conure


Sulfer Crested Cockatoo

Bobbie is 20 years old. Semi tame. Loves to come out of the cage to hang out. Says "Step up", "Whatcha doin", "Bubbles" and "Hello". Good personality but will take time to get to know.

Carlos is appoxamately 20 yrs. old. Prefers men but will tolerate women. He loves attention and to be out of the cage and to be cuddled. He does get loud as with any Cockatoo so please do your research before inquiring or have Cockatoo experience.

Casper U2.jpg

Umbrella Cockatoo

Casper is 14 years old, prefers females. Loves to hang out and be around people. She is sweet and loves to cuddle but can be a screamer if she is out of your site. Must have experience or be willing to learn about the Cockatoos personalities and behaviors.

Tiki and Sunny.jpg

Sun Conure 2 years old. Loves attention and being out of the cage. Will hang out with you for hours

Love bird.jpg


2 years old, very comical. Loves to be talked to and enjoys coming out of the cage. Will make someone a great companion.