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Please understand that all parrots at Kiki’s Playland Parrot Sanctuary and Rescue (KPPSR) are either rescued or owner surrender. As with any rescued creature, many have behavioral issues which we try to work with but may require additional work by the new owner.  Some behaviors such as feather plucking can last for the life of the bird.

Once you have filled out the application, your veterinarian will be contacted, and a home check will be done. If you are approved for adoption, we will contact you and set an appointment for you to visit the rescue. You will be required to visit with your potential parrot at the rescue a minimum of three times. These visits will help you build a relationship with your potential new parrot as well as learn the proper parrot care and handling.

Please download and Email Application to, All available parrots will be listed under adoptable parrots tap, It could take up to seven days to hear back from Kiki's about your application status. 

Adoption Fees

Small Birds start at $100+
(Cockatiels, Conures, Love birds, ect.)
Medium Birds start at $500+
(Pionus, Eclectus, African grays, Amazons, ect.) 
Large Birds start at $800+
(Cockatoos, Macaws, ect.)
Adoptions Fees may vary depending on the needs of the bird
Please remember all fees go back into the rescue to help care for our feathered friends 


Although we hope every pet parrot is in a loving forever home, we realize that life often throws us curve balls. If you find yourself in a situation that requires you to give up your pet, we do take in surrenders. Once a parrot is surrendered, we will evaluate the health and behavior and when the parrot is ready for it's new home, we will find a long term loving homes. For information on how to surrender a parrot please contact Kiki's directly. 

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